Dan Bailey & Scott Panchik Head To Head On 13.1

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Dan Bailey & Scott Panchik Head To Head On 13.1. Watch the archived footage of the live announcement for Open Workout 13.1.


Adans Rafael says:

Dan is the bridesmaid again!

John Close says:

37:18 until next week…

bs431980 says:

scott pan. may very well hit the top 3 this year. Hats off to dan though, crazy motor and one strong dude.

Criticize101 says:

These guys are insane

Bull Moose says:

No. There was a 17 year old girl in the Games last year.

Vibrantvibeman says:

Teenagers can compete but i don’t think they have their own class like people over 40 and such.

lokalonez11 says:

yeah and im santa clause… if you need to put a bullshit score on the internet to feel like a big guy then you do not understand the true meaning of being a CROSSFITTER. You only cheat yourself when you lie and no one here wants to hear your bullshit.

1warinlife says:

Bummer the mic wasn’t working for the first part. This is intense cant wait for my attempt

FitterFasterStronger says:

Dude said 245 reps on 13.1 I’m laughing so hard right now.

Brendan Stewart says:


NinJility says:

i mainly bodybuild but i fawking love crossfit LFG 2013!

trishanicholson says:

I don’t believe you got a score like 245 for a second… Nice try though

ttiktop says:

is there crossfit for teenagers or crossfit games

ThiVids says:

Thank you for this content =)

WOWFakeOrReal says:

haha nice try. that would be incredible

zzwildcat73zz says:

245 reps on 13.1 might do it again… not happy with my results

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